I'm Tyler, I've been coding since I was 10, and I do programming things.

Currently interning for the Unicode Consortium under Google Summer of Code.


I sometimes post here on my blog. I also make animations in Blender from time to time.

Email me: ambiguousname (at) this website's URL/domain name

A Few Notable Projects:

Spider 880

This was fun to make! I experimented a lot with FLTK, OpenGL, SQLite, M4. It was great fun!

Play it here.


I was Lead Officer for GDA Collab this year. I assisted on production and programming for the whole process. I also did some character rigging.

Play it here.

Decompiling Mountain (2014)

Does Mountain (2014) actually use your drawings from the start of the game?

Yes. Sort of.

Microgame Jam 2022

I worked as project lead on GDA Collab’s Microgame Jam 2022, where we got together for 36 hours to make 5-15 second games. I designed an entirely new framework to get all the games working together.

Play it here.


This was the year I was programming officer for GDA Collab. I helped out with the programming, and did some 3d modelling and all of the animation for the monster.

Play it here.

Microgame Jam 2021

I worked as project lead on GDA Collab’s Microgame Jam 2021, where we got together for 24 hours to make a game. I was primarily responsible for compiling all the games together.

Play it here.

LED Tree Animator

I worked on an add-on for Blender to let you import a sequence of LED coordinates, animate the colors, and export those colors as a .CSV file. It was made for Stand-up Math’s LED tree!

You can try the add-on for yourself here.

Sea Star Crossed Lovers

I did some programming for the GDA Collab game Sea Star Crossed Lovers. I mostly worked on the waves.

Play it here.

Gremlin Garden

I did some programming for the GDA Collab game Gremlin Garden. I did most of the programming to get the Gremlin races to work.

Play it here.

Jackbox Custom Content

Software that allows you to add custom content to the Jackbox Party Pack 7.

Watch the demo here. Download it here.